In the summer of 2010 I was working in a residency  at the graphic workshop in Denmark, Fyns grafiske værksted. I sometimes escape the world of painting to the printmaking world. I have been a member in FGV since graduation in 1998, and participated in number of shows. Take a look at the beautiful workshop or look at my prints and prints of the other members on FGV site.

Fyns grafiske værksted

Jun to August 2011

Participating in the Lessedra 10th annual miniprint in Soffia, Bulgaria.



Svandís Egilsdóttir 

12 x 17 drawings      printmaking       snotra´s vision       square paintings 2011     older    

September 2011 I will be participating in a printmakers symposium in Odense, Denmark. This symposium is a part of a North-Atlantic network of printmakers. More information at:  


Participation in a symposium in Denmark