In my artistic work I am often inspired by the written and spoken word, the rhythm of language and music.

I am a painter and a printmaker. My paintings are an interpretation of a certain object or a subject. They often are a mixture of all techniques, styles and all pigments in what ever binder they come. I do belive that an artist does not have to chase stiles or popular materials in his work, but has the freedom to select and mix what ever he desires. So the box I am in is a big one and there everything is possible. Actually there is no box. In spite of how messy that may sound I usually aim towards harmony and balance in my work. 

During the years 2009-2011 I was narrowing down and focusing on the theme of Hávamál, wich is an old Nordic poem from the 12th century.

This theme has lead me to decorate books for children, design and paint eye shape pictures, draw hundreds of drawings, and develope new print- making  and painting methods. And also to studdy ethnography and folklore at the University.

I systematically use music to keep my creative channels open and my drawings flow freely from a unconscious state of mind after listening to  all kinds of rhythms. That way like a dancer that reacts to music, my work is my dance on the canvas.


Svandís Egilsdóttir 

12 x 17 drawings      printmaking       snotra´s vision       square paintings 2011     older    


Currently I am working on a MA degree in ethnology at the University in Iceland. The plan is to finsh in 2013. Still painting though! Exhibiting this summer 2012.